Still painting at 84, Gilly Szego to open new exhibition / by Calum Roscow

Artist and former jewellery designer Gilly Szego is to open an exhibition of new work at the Edmund Gallery in September. Szego is one half of the locally-renowned couple that designed and produced handmade jewellery at the former silversmiths on Guildhall Street and this exhibition marks her return to exhibiting fine art in the town.

The collection Opposites: Conflict & The Human Mind is the culmination of two years’ exploration of contrasting human emotions. Each watercolour in the series is part of a pair that portrays opposing emotions; War/Peace, Anguish/Ecstasy. But visitors to the gallery are invited to try to identify each emotion, just by looking at the unlabelled artworks.

It’s hoped that people will enjoy the discussion it creates. And there’s a chance to find out which is which at the end.

Gilly Szego said:

“I wanted to create something that makes people think. This exhibition explores our ability to hold, and accept, differing opinions in our minds. Some of the pieces are more obvious than others, and you are likely to find that you disagree with other people on which opposites are being portrayed. It’s this difference of opinion that the exhibition celebrates and examines.”

At eighty-four year’s old, Szego has been painting for almost seventy years, and has had work shown in galleries all over the world, including the Royal Academy, London in many of the summer exhibitions, as well as producing pieces for her local Amnesty group here in Bury.

This latest exhibition is a departure from her usual oil on canvas pieces:

“I’m not quite as young as I used to be, so painting has become a bit trickier. But the challenges of old age have actually forced me to be more creative, so this latest work uses a variety of materials, watercolours and inks.”

The exhibition runs from 24th until 29th September at the Edmund Gallery on Angel Hill, Bury St Edmunds.